Saturday 16 April 2011

Welcome to "Central Of Inspiration"!

NEW Updates @27/04/2011  in "To Watch" and "To Quote" Pages!!


Dear visitors/friends,

A BIG welcome to you to the Central of Inspiration!

If you like anything inspirational or motivational, this site is meant for YOU! Life is full of challenges (regardless of where you are coming from, your gender and age group), thus, this site is designed to be an all under-one-roof resources centre for all thing inspirational/motivational.

Just a little guide on the pages available on this site:

FREE Stuff:
Free but great stuffs from the web, iPhone, Android etc... that will help to inspire or motivate you further!

To Learn:
Highly recommended on-line courses or products that will make a BETTER YOU!

To Watch:
Recommendation of movies, tv series or clips that will get you ohm power and carried away!

To Read:
Recommendation of books or ebooks that will get you inspired to the fullest!

To Listen:
Song or speeches that you can relate to when come to inspiration and motivation! Prepare the tissue, just in case you need it for your red eyes!

To Quote:
Sharing of the original inspirational or motivational quotes that are useful for you to reflect on your life

Contact Me:
Fee free to contact me if you have any comment and feedback regarding the site.

Also, as I am championing the "Inspire It Forward" scheme by inspiring as many friends around me as possible, I do hope that you folks can join the force and help to "Inspire It Forward" by sharing this site to your friends or family members who deemed interested.

All comment and feedback are welcome!

Do come back for more as I will update the content regularly...